Pink Platinum Monarch Magic Flying Butterfly



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The Pink Platinum Monarch wind up, magic flying butterfly is one of our newest designs and one of our best sellers. Great for any and all occasions, it's light, bright and it takes flight! This Pink Platinum magic flying paper butterfly is guaranteed to get a smile and make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

This creative, colorful and very cool wind up magic flying paper butterfly is placed in a standard 5 x 7 greeting card (card not included), a book, a magazine, a video game case, iPad case, DVD case, or anything else you can imagine. All our flyers, come prepackaged in the Butterflyer branded cellophane wrapper and will include full color instructions on how to wind it up. Wind it up according to the instructions and then it will fly out when someone opens whatever you put it in.

Last but certainly not least, all our Butterflyers come with our “Flaw Free Guarantee” which means they will be replaced (not including shipping costs) or the price you paid will be refunded if for some reason your Butterflyer is damaged or broken while still inside the package when you receive it.

* Greeting Card Not Included

** This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

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Airam G.
United States


The colors are nice and bright and I had no problem winding it up. The instructional video was very helpful and it flew just as it did in the video. It came in right on time and we are still using it to prank each other around the house. Thanks, Butterflyers!


Thanks so much for your awesome review of our wind up flying butterfly. We love making memories with people!

Mary A.
United States


They are cute, hope everyone likes them when they open their cards


Thanks so much for your awesome review of our wind up flying butterfly. So glad you like them! We love helping make lasting memories with people.

Karen P.
United States


I bought these for administrative professionals day and the secretaries just loved them! I had them line up and one had a look that she wasn't sure what was going to happen but as two others opened their cards and the butterflies flew out, she opened hers along with the last secretary who was watching as well. They laughed and picked the butterflies and did it again. I also have one for my granddaughter's birthday in. May.


Thanks so much for your awesome review of our wind up magic flying butterfly. We love helping put a smile on people's faces! That's we try very hard to produce a great product, a low price and offer excellent service. So grateful people notice and appreciate it!

Velma W.
United States

Butterflies in a greeting card

Love my butterflies plan to give them to my grandchildren for Easter.when opening from card the butterfly flutters. They do not fly out. They are cute.


So sorry you're disappointed. Most people love them and theirs fly great. Just read all the 5-Star reviews on our website or on FB! The ones you see fly in our videos are identical to the ones we ship out to hundreds of people each and every day. 99% of the time when people say their Butterflyer isn't flying so well, it's because they are not winding it correctly. May we ask, did you watch this video regarding the proper way to wind your Butterflyer to get maximum flying effect ( and this one on how best to place them in a greeting card ( The links to watch these videos were sent to you in the shipping and order confirmation emails you received. If you haven't watched them yet, please take two minutes to watch them. It makes a huge difference when you do it exactly the way we show you in these two videos. Please let us know if this helps any. We hate for anyone to be disappointed in our product.

Aundrea R.
United States

Love Them!

We used them at "The All About Me" Women's Health Conference and Business Expo for the City of Carson Ca. Placed one in the thank you cards at the tables for lunch, and the ladies were beside themselves. Thank you for the Pink Butterflies (Think Pink)


Thanks for the awesome review and feedback. It's why we do what we do!

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