Rare Butterfly Cocoon Card With Flying Butterfly


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(Card & Butterflyer Included) Our brand new "Rare Butterfly Cocoon" greeting card is colorful, comical, creative and perfect for use with any of our wind up flying Butterflyers. This awesome new greeting card is perfect for sending someone you love a laugh and a smile! We give you a choice of many of our wind up flying Butterflyers to put inside. So, be sure to view all the many options of different wind up flying butterflies that go with the card. Pull a prank and make a memory that lasts a lifetime with this very nice, colorful, creative and comical "Rare Butterfly Cocoon Inside" greeting card along with one of our awesome wind up flying butterflies inside.

  • You Get 1-Card, 1-Envelope and 1-Flying Butterfly
  • Front Says: "Open Quickly! Inside is a Very Rare Butterfly Cocoon"
  • Inside Says: "Too Late!"
  • Both Card & Butterfly Come Individually Packaged With Instructions
  • Butterfly is not prewound. You must Wind It!
  • Butterflyer Size is 5 inches Tall x 4 Inches Wide
  • Greeting Card is 7 Inches Tall x 5 Inches Wide
  • Outside Coating of the Card is High Gloss, Inside is Matte
  • Made For Especially For Fun, Birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day & More
  • Get A Flaw Free Guarantee 
  • Delivery in 7 Business Days or Less (See Shipping Policy Page)

* Greeting Card With Flying Butterfly Included
** This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

Card & Flying Butterfly Only $4.99