Classic Wedding Magic Flying Butterfly


$ 2.25 $ 5.00

Quit sending out boring old wedding invitations! Make your message fly with our Classic Wedding wind up, magic flying butterfly and set them free on the day you say, "I Do". This very eloquent wind up magic flying wedding butterfly is also so cost effective it won't break the budget; unless you plan to get married as many times as Liz Taylor - lol.

This creative, colorful and very cool wind up magic flying paper butterfly is placed in a standard 5 x 7 greeting card, a book, a magazine, a video game case, iPad case, DVD case, or anything else you can imagine. All our flyers, come prepackaged in the Butterflyer branded cellophane wrapper and will include full color instructions on how to wind it up. Wind it up according to the instructions and then it will fly out when someone opens whatever you put it in.

Last but certainly not least, all our Butterflyers come with our “Flaw Free Guarantee” which means they will be replaced or the price you paid refunded (not including shipping costs) if for some reason it is not in great shape when you receive it.

*This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

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