Win 50 FREE Butterflyers Contest

Win 50 FREE Flyers Video contest
Send Us Your Video & You Could Win 50 Free Butterflyers!

Our wind up, magic flying butterfly know as Butterflyers, creates so much joy, love and laughter in the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of people all around the world, we want you to help us spread that love and laughter by sending us your video. We can’t make you rich, but we can make you famous!

Video Contest Rules & Procedures

How to Enter to Win:
  1. Buy one or more of our world famous, wind up flying Butterflyers from our website or an authorized retail location.
  2. Wind it up and put it in a card, book, magazine, iPad case or anything else you can imagine.
  3. Then, videotape someone’s smile, laughter, shock or surprise when the butterfly comes flying out of whatever you put it in.
  4. Upload your video(s) to Drop Box, Google Drive or some other place that allows large files to be sent. If you do not have access to Drop Box, Google Drive or some other file sharing service, contact us and we will send you a link to upload your video files.
  5. Go to the contact us page on our website and complete the form including name and email. In the comments section, please be sure to include the link where we can download the videos you have uploaded.
  1. The contest starts 04/17/2019 and Ends 10/31/19.
  2. You can submit as many videos as you want.
  3. The video format must be in high resolution and in either MOV, MP4, or WMV file format.
  4. The video you submit must use one of our Wind up flying Butterflyers. No videos using other cheap imitations of our world famous flying Butterflyers will be entered in the contest.
  5. By submitting the video, you give us permission to use it publicly any way we want. That means we have the right to use your video in ads, promotional pieces, commercials or anything else we choose.
  6. By submitting the video, you also acknowledge that unless you win the contest, there will be no compensation given to you in any way, shape or form; Not through money, free butterflyers, or anything else.
  7. If your video contains a minor, under the age of 18, by uploading the video, you are not only authorizing us to use the video anyway we want for promotional purposes, but you are also confirming you are the legal guardian or parent of the minor and are giving us permission to use their image and likeness in the video to produce commercials, ads and the like that will be seen publicly.
  8. Videos must be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox or some other place where we can download the complete, HD video. HD videos are often too large to be sent via Email.
  9. Only entries from the USA and Canada will be accepted. Videos from any other countries will not be eligible for the prize but may still be share as we see fit.
 Quick Tips:
  1. Be creative. Come up with fun, exciting and interesting videos.
  2. Videos of kids at birthdays, pranking a friend or co-worker or putting them in a creative place to fly out are all great ways for us to take note of your video entry.
  3. When shooting the video, be sure we can not only see the person’s face, but we (and others who watch it) can see the Butterflyer flying out of whatever you put it in.
  4. Test out your Butterflyer before shooting the video to make sure it flies out perfectly from whatever you put it in.
  5. Watch some of our videos on YouTube to get some ideas of the types of videos to create. They do not need to be anything fancy… just funny!

Example Videos







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