Happy Face Flying Butterfly

Happy Happy Happy Wind Up Flying Butterfly For Greeting Cards from Butterflyers.com
Happy Happy Happy Wind Up Flying Butterfly For Greeting Cards from Butterflyers.com
 Instructions for wind up flying butterfly from butterflyers.com


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Wind Up Flying Butterfly Clearance Item

Don't worry, Be HAPPY! Tell someone how happy you are, how happy they make you or wish them a Happy Birthday with our Happy Face wind up, magic flying butterfly. It's light, bright and takes flight! Considering all the love, laughter, and smiles they create, we have no doubt you'll think they are well worth every penny!

  • You Wind It Up About 30-35 Times and Watch It Fly (See Video)
  • Size is 5 inches Tall x 4 Inches Wide
  • Fits Inside Any Standard 5x7 Greeting Card (Card Not Included)
  • Comes Individually Packaged With Instructions (Not Prewound)
  • Also Can Be Used in Books, Invitations, iPad Cases, Magazines or Anything Else!
  • Fun For Kids of All Ages - Use Them Again & Again!
  • Get A Flaw Free Guarantee (Not available On All Items)
  • Delivery in 7 Business Days or Less (See Shipping Policy Page)

    * Greeting Card Not Included

    ** This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

    *** Please note there is absolutely no refunds, no returns and no replacements on any clearance items.

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    Lorraine L.
    United States United States

    I sent these to my grandkids who absolutely love them. I put them in a card and when they open the card the butterflies flew out. They had such a great time with them. Thank you so much what an awesome idea.

    Leslie W.
    United States United States
    Letters to Grandchildren

    Well... they didn't work like the ad. I sent 3 to my grand kids in separate cards. One did an anemic flight, one died on the floor and the last one seemed to have died then did a short sputter and then died. I was disappointed, the kiddos thought it was funny.


    We read your comments about your Butterflyers not flying so well. So sorry you're disappointed. The ones you see fly in our videos are identical to the ones we ship out to hundreds of people each and every day. Most people love them and theirs fly great. Just read all the 4 & 5 Star reviews on our website or on FB! In fact, the review submitted just before yours said, "When I got them, I wound them up about 20 times but they did not fly as high as the video showed. I reached out to the company in an email and received a prompt response to my question as to why mine weren't flying as high. I just wasn't winding them tight enough. I wound them the proper amount of times and was thrilled when I opened the card and they flew just like the video showed. Thank you Butterflyers. These are so much fun!!!!" May we ask, did you watch this video regarding the proper way to wind your Butterflyer to get maximum flying effect (https://bit.ly/2qgEbOT) and this one on how best to place them in a greeting card (https://bit.ly/2DSGezJ)? The links to both of these videos were sent to you in the shipping and order confirmation emails you received. 99% of the time when people say their Butterflyer isn't flying so well, it's because they are not winding it correctly. In short, you want to be 100% for sure you are winding 30-35 full turns and that you have an entire row of double (almost triple) knots on the rubber band. Remember, the rubber band is the engine that propels these things. So, if you do not wind it enough, they will not fly very well because it won't get enough lift.

    Eleanor L.
    United States United States
    So cute!

    Haven’t sent them yet. Saving for my friends birthdays. But, they look they will work when I wind them up... and SURPRISE!

    Melissa P.
    United States United States

    I sent out different cards to my friends with these butterflyers and I really enjoyed their response because of the shock and surprise when the butterflies flew out. I think it's hilarious and I love them. I will be purchasing them again. thank you for coming up with such a great idea to make a card extra special.

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