Be Kind & Wind!

Be Kind & Wind!

I started this wind up flying butterfly business many years ago for one primary reason. No, it wasn't money - lol. I did it because I saw how many smiles and how much love, laughter and joy it brought into the lives of people who were given one. Of all the products I have ever seen or purchased, I have never seen anything that reaches across so many barriers as the Butterflyer. No matter the age, race or religion, Butterflyers are fun for everyone. I have rarely ever seen or even heard of anyone who did not like them. The vast majority of people who see them fly either like them or absolutely LOVE them! That's why the one thing I don't ever want is for anyone to be disappointed when they get their brand new Butterflyers in the mail. That's why we go to great lengths to make sure they are all packed properly so none of them are damaged during the shipping process. Unfortunately, sometimes, thanks to careless USPS workers, they do get destroyed in the mail. No big deal, when it happens we simply replace them and I know customers understand that damaged goods is just a part of online shopping and shipping things through the mail.

Wind 30-35 timeHowever, there's one thing that still happens after all these years that continues to leave me shaking my head. Not often, but occasionally we get customers who leave us a one star rating saying, "My Butterflyers don't fly like the ones in the videos!" When that happens, 99.9% of the time, the issue isn't with the Butterflyer but how it is, or should I say "Is Not!" being wound properly. 

In spite of sending out a confirmation email with a link to this video encouraging people to watch it while they wait for their Butterflyers to arrive, there are still some out there who evidently never got the email or didn't take the time to watch the video because we still get those same comments from time to time. In fact, just about a week ago I had a women claim her's were broken and did not fly as advertised and wanted a refund. I sent her the standard reply encouraging her to watch the video and to be sure she was winding up her butterflyers properly. The next day she insisted that she had watch the video, was following the instruction but they still weren't flying as they should. So, I gave her the instructions on sending the unopened and unused items back for a full refund.

Her Butterflyers arrived a few days later and because she had also included the two she had opened, I decided to do something a little different to help her see this was a user error not a Butterflyer malfunction. I decide to video myself opening her package and testing the two she said did not fly. As expected, they flew just fine. When I sent her the video in an effort to encourage her so in the future she would know she could use our flying butterflies to spread some love, laughter and cheer, she thanked me and said she would place a new order. That's great, and I'm glad the story had a happy ending, but it could and should have been avoided. Nothing bums me out more than someone being disappointed in our product.

Wind Up Flying Butterfly

In short, the most important thing to remember is keep winding until you have a whole row of double knots on the rubber band! 

I believe that God works all things together for good for those who love Him and that "success is failure turned inside out". In this particular case, I appreciate this lady because it motivated me to make a new and improved tutorial video of how to properly wind the Butterflyers up in order to ensure you get the best flying effect. Now, more people will watch this video and have a awesome experience because of one customer who couldn't follow instructions or was too proud to admit she was winding them wrong. No matter the reason, I am grateful to God that He used this woman to move me to action so that others could avoid making the same mistake so many others have made in the past, including this woman.

I encourage you to watch the new and improved "How To Wind" video above especially if you have recently purchased some of our amazing famous WIND UP flying butterflies. 

Until next time, this Darrel, the Butterfly Guy saying, "Be Kind & Wind!"



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  • Sharan Prakash - January 25, 2020

    Cool product! Do you sell plain white ones that can decorated?

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