Shipping Rates

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience a delay with the delivery of your order. While we are processing, packing and shipping out all orders daily, due to the Nationwide Corona Virus crisis, there have been some long delays in delivery by the USPS. So please, check your tracking info that is sent to you via email/text/messenger when your order is shipped. If you notice any unexpected delays or no movement of your order, please contact your local post office, give them your tracking number and have them put a trace on it.
Shipping rates are based on the prices established by the USPS. We cannot control how much they charge to ship items with tracking. We work hard to keep our product prices very low and are glad we can offer you such an amazing flying product for a price so low, in some cases, it costs more to ship it than to buy it. Please do not hold the cost of shipping against us, as we do not set the prices. Keep in mind, you can ship up to 10 Butterflyers for the same price as shipping 1. So please consider that when making your purchase.

We process, pack and ship out orders via USPS each and every day except Sunday and holidays. Depending on what type of shipping (2-Day, 3-Day or 6-Day) you paid for, your items will arrive as fast as 3 days from the first business day after you placed your order. Please note that it takes us 1-Day to process your order and USPS gets the package the next business day after you ordered it (No Sunday or Holidays). Please keep in mind, these are "Business Days" not regular days (No shipping on Sunday or Holidays).

The day your item ships out from our store, you will get a shipping confirmation sent to you via email which will contain your tracking number. If your order did not arrive as expected, is delayed, or missing, please check the tracking information prior to contacting us. If your order is in transit, contact the US post office before contacting us since once we turn your order over to the Post Office, it is very literally out of our hands. Also, please note, there is absolutely, unconditionally, no refunds either in full or partial for any cost of shipping.

Last but not least, if for some reason your items have not been received but the tracking information says it was delivered, please contact your local post office (USPS), give them your tracking information we gave you when you placed the order and report your item lost.

If all else fails or you need further assistance with your order, please contact us via email at or call us during normal business hours at 940-293-2777. We will help anyway we can.

Cards & Butterfly Low As $5.99