Custom Printing

Minimum Order For Any Custom Printed Butterflyer is 1000

Custom Order Lead Time is Approximately 30-45 Business Days

Custom Printed Prices Are the Same As All Other Pre Printed Butterflyers on Our Website.

Volume Discounts Do Apply.

Print Your Own Custom Butterflyer! Butterflyers are better than business cards! One of the best things about the Butterflyer is that we can custom make the wings to look any way you want and to say anything you want. With a one-time set up fee for typesetting and artwork, it can have your logo, your colors, your offer, your number or your message. You create it, we'll make it! It's whatever you want it to be. Take some time to consider all the possibilities and when you're ready, please Contact Us and we'll go over all the details and be glad to answer any questions when it comes to creating your very own custom printed Butterflyer!

Custom printed flying Butterfly

The Butterflyer is one of the most creative and unique products to hit the USA in decades and now you have an opportunity to be one of the first organizations in America to utilize this very special, unique and extremely effective promotional item. Use the Butterflyer to advertise or promote your product, business, service or special offer. They can be used for specialty advertising, direct mail offers, thank you cards, invitations, trinkets to pass out to the general public or anything else you can think of. With a product like this, the possibilities are practically endless! The versatility, dynamic effect, price, size and power of this new product make it a novelty item no company should be without. In Europe, companies are seeing a 10-20% return on their direct mailings when using a Butterflyer. This thing really flys and so will your sales when you use them to advertise or promote your product, business, service or special event. 

So, don’t waste another penny paying for old calendars, clocks, hats, coffee cups and other junk that ends up in the trash can. This time, when you want to say something special, make your message fly! The real power of this product is the impact it will have on your customer, client, general public and your profits. Be sure to check out the discounted bulk rates on our Butterflyers. You won’t believe how much mileage you will get for your money from these highly effective flyers. Contact us today and join a growing list of America’s biggest companies who are making their message fly or just start the order process now.

Cards & Butterfly Low As $5.99