Birthday Butterflyers Fun!

Birthday Butterflyers Fun!

Happy Birthday Butterfly

Birthdays and Butterflyers go hand in hand. Our famous wind up flying butterflies make for some of the funnest birthday parties, bar none.

Most people who buy one of our wind up flying Butterflyers know all about how to wind it up and put it inside a greeting card, book, magazine, CD/DVD or iPad case and more. What most and perhaps you don't realize is that these are made for more, much more.

One of the coolest and funnest things you can do with a wind up flying butterfly is to integrate it into your birthday party. Sure, they are great inside a birthday card but they're even better when you take it to the next level. What do I mean, next level? Watch this short video with just a couple cool suggestions of how to have tons of fun with the famous wind up flying Butterfly at your next birthday party. The best thing about the quick tips for birthday parties in this video is they work for well at all birthday parties whether it's for a boy, girl or even adults!

Last but not least, if you do decide to use our wind up flying butterfly for your next birthday party, be sure to use the discount code, FLYFREE when you make the purchase. That gives you 20% OFF the total when you buy five or more wind up flying Butterflyers.

Until next time, remember, birthdays are always better with Butterflyers!

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  • Maria - January 25, 2020

    I just purchased pink and blue butterflies. we are going to be doing a gender reveal party or photo shoot coming up when we find out what gender my grandchild is going to be! I think its going to be pretty exciting! I will put the butterflies in cards and everyone will open them at the same time! can’t wait!

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