Cheap China Imitations Sold By Charlatans!

Cheap China Imitations Sold By Charlatans!

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Do not get ripped off buying cheap China imitations and bad Butterflies that don't work from charlatans like the one we saw advertising on FB yesterday! They do not work well, take at least a month to get (if you get them at all), you won't even know which designs you'll receive and they cost more than twice as much as our original, world famous wind up flying Butterflyers. You can watch the video below where we show you some of the red flags on their website along with all the reasons why you should never trust websites like these. Get the quality and original wind up flying butterfly from; Go with the proven product!

Sadly, a lot of nice people are getting ripped off and we hate that! So please don't buy bad butterflies because you think all wind up flying butterflies are the same; they're not! We work extremely hard to produce a great product, provide a low price and offer excellent customer service. We've been doing this for 15 years and our wind up flying Butterflyers are great and work wonderfully! Don't take our word for it, just read the reviews on our website or on FB ( from other verified customers who have actually ordered from us.

Below are some images from one website showing you all kinds of red flags! Be advised, these are not the same as our wind up flying butterfly and the people selling them do not even stock them or manufacture them. The will take your money and place your order with someone in China and you'll never hear from them again!

Stuff like this make us very mad! Not because we lose sales, but because good people get ripped off! Then, they mistake us for companies like them and think we're the same as these Charlatans! We absolutely hate it when people get ripped off by companies like this one. They care nothing about you, the product they sell, customer service or the fact that they lie and steal from good people like you. They only care about one thing; making money!

So, BEWARE of cheap China imitations of our high quality Butterflyers!!! Unfortunately, there's a lot of cheap China knock offs out there that people sell on websites like Ebay, ETSY, Amazon, Facebook and others. So, all you Butterfly Buyers Better BEWARE! 

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