Fundraising with Butterflyers

Fundraising with Butterflyers

Did you know that our wind up flying butterfly makes a great fundraising product? It's true. Used by many different organizations like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, schools, bands, churches and more.

When you buy in bulk you can get our Butterflyers for about $1 and then resell them for 100% more than you paid for them. Talk about a great return on your investment. Best of all, these are light, bright, take flight and never spoil! They also do not take up much space.

Contact Us for more information about how to start raising funds for your non profit today!

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  • Debbie Feiner - January 25, 2020

    I just received my butterfliers in the mail today. Very cool. Would like to take these to a craft show to put with my homemade cards. Thought it would be a good compliment. What kind of cost am I looking at if I bought in bulk?

  • Lynn Wolfe - January 25, 2020

    Please send me fundraiser info

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Cards & Butterfly Low As $5.99