No Such Thing As FREE Shipping!

No Such Thing As FREE Shipping!

Believe it or not, one of the most common complaints we get doesn't have anything to do with our product but our shipping prices. In fact, it's a clear indication of how conditioned we have become in America to the idea and marketing ploy of "Free Shipping!" Whether it's Amazon Prime or some other website, the phrase "Free Shipping" is very common and has gotten to a point where it's pretty much expected by most Americans.  

Well, I hate to burst your bubble but the truth is, there's no such thing as FREE SHIPPING. FedEX, UPS, USPS, DHL and others all charge for their services and they certainly are not giving them away. Everyone who ships anything pays for it and the truth is, it's not the merchant; it's the customer who pays for shipping. Even if you have Prime and think you're therefore getting free shipping from Amazon, you're not. First, you're paying about $10.00 per month to be a Prime member. Second, if you compare prices on Amazon with others who do not offer free shipping, you will find that the TOTAL price for that exact same product are usually the same price.

At Butterflyers, we choose to be honest, transparent and forthright about what exactly you're paying for. If you're pay for a product, we show you the price. If you're paying for shipping, we show you that price too. I think due to all this Free Shipping marketing these days, people are actually shocked at the real price to ship a small padded envelope via 1st class mail with tracking. So many people for so long have been shielded from the true cost of shipping they have a hard time believing what those costs really are. Perhaps someday we too will be forced to succumb to the tactics of Free Shipping? Until then, for your benefit and review, we have posted some real screenshots from the USPS website showing you the true and current costs to ship a small padded envelope with tracking via 1st Class mail, 3 Day Priority mail and Overnight Express mail (see images below). 

So yes, shipping is expensive and perhaps you're shocked and even disappointed with the prices these days. Trust us, we do not like the price USPS charges for shipping with tracking ability any more than you do. In fact, they just raised their rates again a few weeks ago! Sadly, we have no control and over what USPS charges for the cost of shipping a padded envelope with tracking or the fees the banks charge us to process the payments (2.9% of the total, plus $0.30 processing fee per order). In some cases, believe it or not we actually lose money on the order!

We work extremely hard to produce a very cool, creative and colorful product for a price that's very low; so low that in some cases it's less than $1.00. Think about that for a minute. Where else can you buy a really awesome flying toy for less than $1.00? Most people are impressed that they can purchase a wind up flying Butterflyer for less than the cost of the greeting card they will put it in and yes, even less than the cost to ship it!

So, next time you hear/see the term, "Free Shipping" remember, there's no such thing! Someone is paying to ship those products and most likely, it's you.

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