Shipping Prices

shipping rates for butterflyers.comPlease keep in mind, you can ship 15 Butterflyers for the same price as shipping 1.

Shipping rates are based on the prices established by the USPS. We cannot control how much they charge to ship a padded envelope with tracking. Trust us, we do not like the price USPS charges these days for shipping with tracking ability any more than you do. In fact, they just raised their rates again a few weeks ago! Nor do we control the fees the banks charge us to process the payments (2.9% of the total, plus $0.30 processing fee per order). In some cases, believe it or not we actually lose money on the order!

We work really hard to produce a cool, creative and colorful product for a price that's very low; so low that in some cases it's less than $1.00. Think about that for a minute. Where else can you buy a really awesome flying toy for less than $1.00? Most people are impressed that they can purchase a wind up flying Butterflyer for less than the cost of the greeting card they will put it in and yes, even less than the cost to ship it! Click here to learn more about our Shipping Policies & Procedures.

So, please don't hold the cost of shipping against us. If you think we charge too much, look at the screenshot below as a current example of the actual USPS rate on their website to ship a added envelope that's 4 ounces or less via 1st class mail with tracking.

1st Class Mail Prices


Cards & Butterfly Low As $5.99