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We are very excited to announce the release of our Catch The Magic Flying Butterfly mobile game we call, Butterflyers! It is available for download now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Just click the icon below to download and install the app for your device. Best of all, it's FREE! Be sure to watch some of the videos below to get a few quick tips that will help you become the best at Butterflyers!  
Butterflyers Apple App  Butterflyers Google Play app

catch the flying butterfly mobile game from ButterflyersIf you like our wind up flying magic Butterflyers, you're going to absolutely love our Butterflyers mobile game for your iPhone/iPad or Android device. It's fun, easy to play yet very challenging as the levels increase. 

Butterflyer Game Description:
 Are you faster than a flyer? Based on the world-famous wind up magic flying butterfly sold at Butterflyers.com, this mobile game is easy to learn, colorful, entertaining, yet very challenging.

The concept is simple… Use your net to catch the Butterflyers and avoid the Bee! If you hit a Bee, you lose a net. Lose all 3 nets and its, Game Over! It becomes increasingly difficult with every new level as the Butterflyers and the Bee fly faster and faster. Strategically use your Smoker Cans to stun the bee and your Spider Webs to slow the Butterflyers down so you can win more coins and reach the highest levels. See how many coins you can earn and levels you can achieve before you lose all your nets.

After every 10th level there’s a bonus round where you can really rack up some coins! Convert the coins earned during game play into Chrysalis Pods that can be used for in game purchases like different colored nets, custom backgrounds, more nets, smoker cans, spider webs and more!

It’s free to play and a game both kids and adults love. We warn you however, it can be addictive.

Butterflyers Game Videos

Game Overview


Basic Game Play


Game Play - Quick Tips


Game Play - Bonus Round


Various Custom Features 


Butterflyers Apple App  Butterflyers Google Play app


Cards & Butterfly Low As $5.99