Fun Wind Up Flying Butterflyers

When you want to say something special or just turn a frown upside down, we have a just for fun wind up flying paper butterfly for you! Suitable for any and all occasions, our wind up flying paper butterfly is light, bright and it takes flight!

This creative, colorful and very cool wind up, flying paper butterfly is placed in a greeting card, book, magazine, video game case, DVD case, or anything else you can imagine and then it will fly out when someone opens it up. Cheaper than most greeting cards, the Butterflyer is great for birthdays, a party, special event, baby showers, weddings, holidays or practically any other event.

Last but certainly not least, all our Butterflyers come with our “Flaw Free Guarantee” which means they will be replaced at no cost (not including shipping costs) if for some reason it is not in great shape when you receive it.



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