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There's no better way to say, "Happy Birthday!" to someone special than with our Birthday Gifts wind up wind up Magic Flying ButterflyGive them a birthday gift that they will never forget and give your message wings with our Birthday Gifts wind up flying magic butterfly.

This creative, colorful and very cool wind up magic flying paper butterfly is placed in a standard 5 x 7 greeting card, a book, a magazine, a video game case, iPad case, DVD case, or anything else you can imagine. All our flyers, come prepackaged in the Butterflyer branded cellophane wrapper and will include full color instructions on how to wind it up. Wind it up according to the instructions and then it will fly out when someone opens whatever you put it in.

Last but certainly not least, all our Butterflyers come with our “Flaw Free Guarantee” which means they will be replaced or the price you paid refunded (not including shipping costs) if for some reason it is not in great shape when you receive it.

*This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

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Phyllis F.
United States

happy birthday butterflies

I'm sure I have said "great things about your butterflies" at least three times before--I have not changed my mind. Your butterflies are wonderful, beautiful and a treat for anyone who receives them in the card I send them in. I will be your customer for quiet a while. Thank you for your quality product

Tammy F.
United States


Perfect customer service and products!

Angela pascuali

Best gift ever

"My mom has damentia and forgeta a lot of things lately. We wanted her birthday to be fun. We put the butterfly in her card and she just laughed when it flow out. We haven't heard her laugh that hard in a long time."


We are touched by your kind and encouraging words. Thanks for sharing them and for the great review!

Gail B.
United States

Flying butterflies

Pls disregard my first comment /feedback on your butterflies. I mixed you up with another co. Yours are the BEST even tho they are more money. pls keep the discounts. I wouldn't have ordered without that! Thank you Gail Original comment> The price was very reasonable. I had bought some from another source. Theirs do fly a little higher and longer tho. I wound them up 50 times as you said but they fly low and not as long. Hope you can address this problem.



Thanks for the 4 star review although we're a little confused. We do not recommend winding our more than 35 times or until you get a row of double knots as I mention in this video ( Are you sure you are not confusing ours with the other ones you purchased from a different company? If possible, please send me a photo of the Butterflyer you're referring to or even better, send us a video of it flying so I can get a good look at what it is doing.

Lauren C.
United States


Thank you!!! Fast shipping and very cute

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