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Stained Glass Rainbow Magic Flying Butterfly



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Fun for birthdays, parties, events and any other occasion, our Stained Glass wind up flying paper butterfly is one of our most popular models and is sure to brighten up even the darkest day. Make someone's day and make your message fly with this very popular Stained Glass wind up flying paper butterfly.

This creative, colorful and very cool wind up flying paper butterfly is placed in a standard 5 x 7 greeting card, book, magazine, video game case, DVD case, or anything else you can imagine and then it will fly out when someone opens it. Last but certainly not least, all our Butterflyers come with our “Flaw Free Guarantee” which means they will be replaced at no cost (not including shipping costs) or the price you paid refunded if for some reason it is not in great shape when you receive it.

*This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

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Rebecca B.
United States

Butterfly Flyers card pop in's reactions

I purchased these online after seeing the great pricing I could purchase in bulk. The materials alone would have cost me more to make a DIY version. I've used these with co-workers bdays, and to colleagues, or clients who are not responding to my emails or phone calls and I've gotten a Huge response! Either they laugh and think it's cool or they are scared out of their wits and want to **** me. Either way, the reaction is fun and out of the box. They really do look like they fly. Be sure to wind them 30 times or they take flight as well. Re-usable as many co-workers pranked other in the office with the same butterfly. I would like to order custom created propellers for work branding.



Thanks for the awesome review and for using them for "Out of the Box" type of stuff!

Robert C.
United States

Flying Butterfly

My niece was totally surprised as she open the card. The rest of the family had here redo it many times. They loved it.

Karen R.
United States

Love these!

Such a cool thing to slip inside a card. Watched the video and it worked perfectly!

mercedes r.
United States

Simply beautiful butterfly

I just love them since my daughter was a baby I call her my beautiful butterfly and on her birthday I bought a birthday card and put these butter in them and she love it brought her tear cause she remembers she will always be my beautiful butterfly thanks they were simply amazing

Chuck S.
United States


Made it he much faster than I anticipated! My wife and my kid loved them! Would recommend this store/ product. 10/10

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