White Exploding Flying Butterfly Card (Card Only)

White Exploding Flying Butterfly Card (Card Only)


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Made in the USA

Our brand new, Color Me (White) Exploding Flying Butterfly card is specially cut so it looks just like a butterfly and it's also made specifically to perfectly fit one of our wind up flying butterflies inside (Choose The Butterfly Color/Style Above). Both the White Exploding Flying Butterfly card and famous wind up flying butterfly are very cool, colorful and creative. Because it's printed on both the front and back, this White Exploding Butterfly Card can also transform into a full beautiful butterfly when unfolded. Best of all, because our exploding butterfly greeting card is blank on the inside, it gives you the freedom to decorate it, color it or write anything you want inside. 

Our White Exploding Butterfly greeting card with our famous wind up flying Butterfly inside is a great way to share some love and laughter with those you care about. It's the perfect card for any and all occasions and is sure to brighten up even the darkest day. In fact, thanks to all the amazing memories people make using our famous flying wind up flying butterfly, most of people think these are priceless! 

  • You Get 1-White Butterfly Card
  • You Get 1-6x9 Envelope
  • You Get 1-Flying Butterfly (Choose Color/Style Above)
  • Card is Specially Cut To Be in The Shape of A Butterfly
  • Outside Coating of the Card is High Gloss, Inside is Matte
  • Butterflyer Size is 4 Inches Tall x 5 Inches Wide
  • Greeting Card Size is 8 3/4 Inches Tall x 5 3/4 Inches Wide
  • Both Card & Butterfly Come Individually Packaged With Instructions
  • Butterfly is Not Prewound. You Must Wind It!
  • Wind The Butterflyer Up About 30-35 Times (See Video)
  • Get A Flaw Free Guarantee (See Policy)
  • No Charging or Batteries Required
  • Delivery in 7 Business Days or Less (See Shipping Policy Page)

* Greeting Card, Envelope and Flying Butterfly Included

** This product is not suitable for all ages, circumstances or situations. Please read the disclaimer on the package before using this product.

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